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Bijzondere foto Naked

March 6th, 2013 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Fotografe Janneke Pater een heeft bijzondere foto gemaakt bij het optreden van Naked in de Supermarkt, wat vinden jullie ervan?


Recensie optreden Oude Mol

July 16th, 2012 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Concert Review of Naked at the Oude Mol, The Hague July 9th, 2012.

I (Arlette our new guest blogger) know Naked quite well. Having shared a stage with them a few times, and having seen them even more often, I went to see them this time expecting the same as always; a good show and fun with their -very diverse- fan base. Which means I can also go see them on my own.

Naked is a folk rock band from The Hague, Netherlands consisting of very experienced musicians.The band members all have been around for over a decade or more playing in different Dutch bands. However, do not mistake them for your random bunch of gentlemen who just so happen to play music … Fiddle player Willem previously toured with the Hillbilly Stringpickers, and singer/guitarist Arie Spaans not only won an important pop prize with his rock band the Suburbs but also wrote Rollercoaster, and a cover version of it by Di-rect made it big on the Dutch music charts.

For a few years now, Naked has been experimenting and growing towards their own unique sound. Fiddle, stand-up bass, accordeon and guitar combined with Spaans’ voice go perfectly together and create a sound and vibe that will touch you. Whether it makes you want to dance, cry or sing along, it just works.

I tend to go with singing along – I thought I knew every tune there was. But this is where it all came together and I did not get what I expected….but I got a lot more. The lovely and cosy venue the Oude Mol was packed. And the gentlemen adjusted their set list while playing, improvised, stuck in a cover song or two and blew every single person away with their full on dreamy performance.

It has been a while since a local band really surprised me, but it happened here. Was it the long, catchy stand-up bass solo in Self Chosen Loneliness? Was it the dead silence of the audience when requested during Falling Star? The solos on fiddle or accordion?

I’m not sure. But I am sure to recommend Naked to anyone out there – they could certainly pull off playing a larger stage!

Fuzz on!


Nieuwe optredens

March 17th, 2010 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Zojuist zijn er 4 nieuwe optredens binnengekomen voor mei en juli 2010.
Ga snel naar onze agenda om te kijken waar Naked binnenkort is te bewonderen!

Nieuwe optredens

October 29th, 2009 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Naked is voor de komende 2 maanden weer regelmatig live te beluisteren, zowel op de radio als in levende lijve.
Zo speelt Naked op 6 november live in het radioprogramma Stork on Air. In december en januari treden ze onder andere op in het Paardcafe, Cafe Rootz en YMCA Scheveningen. Kijk in de agenda voor meer informatie.

Naked op de Haagse Popweek

September 10th, 2009 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Naked is geboekt voor de Haagse Popweek, op 18 oktober spelen we in Hotel ‘t Centrum in Den Haag. Nadere details volgen nog of je kan kijken op


August 26th, 2009 | By Joël Plas (Webopstand)

Naked heeft 3 nieuwe optredens de komende tijd:

19 september Cafe de Maatschappij, aanvang 21.30 uur, toegang gratis
24 september De Supermarkt, aanvang 21.00 uur, toegang gratis (
6 november Paardcafe (samen met Grace) vanaf 10.00 uur, toegang gratis